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Angiras J

UX Specialist and System Designer

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Having experience of over 5+ years in the field of User Experience Design, across multiple domains like sports, BFSI, SAAS, B2B, B2C, B2B2C, and others I enjoy helping businesses to make their apps and websites Customer-Centric.

Empathy Mapping, User flows and IA creation

Best User experience is delivered when the journey is well thought off with an empathetic approach towards the user. I will help you realise these goals for best UX

Duration(mins): 90

Price: $100

Realising Business goals

If you are starting a new business, analysing your Business goals and Customer demands is very crucial. I will help you with mapping the two to make a robust Business Plan.

Duration(mins): 60

Price: $60

Competition analysis

Want to lead the race? it requires you to understand your competitors well so you can buckle them down easily. Understand your competition, learn from them and move ahead

Duration(mins): 60

Price: $60