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Alexandra Beth

Content Creator with 10+ Years of Viral Content | Beauty & Lifestyle

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I'm here to WIN! Otherwise, why bother?

I'm passionate about deepening my knowledge and strengths while passing the baton to others who can find strength in learning some of the same things. I love beauty, being a girl, and analysis. Naturally, I merge my human observations into just about any system and find new jump off points along the road. After 10 years in the industry with a loyal and passionate audience, I am ready to turn to brands and provide value where I was unwilling to before. For context, I have not integrated many brands on my channel, and I have never put an emphasis on "sales" or teaching to my audience using a "one product religion". In fact, I've turned down money, and opportunities to sell my own product as my goal in the industry has not been centralized in earning money from sales. Me and my audience are one. I have championed quality in my content as well as accessibility, and "technique-over-object-you-must-own" when showing women how to approach rituals like nails, makeup, hair and lifestyle.

Brand Analysis | Product Impact, Informed Consumer Image, Emotional Impact

I create a bridge from user-to-brand with a multi-tier approach to understanding the brands products impact on a self-aware, informed consumer. Beauty and lifestyle brands have seen massive success for practical reasons- for example, the rise of drop shipping; or the ability to (now) speak directly to their consumer. Brands have become more full-bodied and seen huge impact on the intangibles like consumer loyalty and personal connection! How cool! It’s oh-so-sad… but, brands struggle to understand how they can improve. My theory follows the thinking that based on the intangible investment they’ve already actively placed in the shelves of their consumers bathrooms: some things become clear, but, only to the user. I understand the how and why of this connection (and I'm totally jazzed about adding in creative ideas about next steps!). Expansion is my passion. - This consultation is a 'release-the-flood-gates' style meeting reserved for brands who would like to increase the flow of creativity and gain direction - Leading up to the consultation, I will have tried (and then integrated) your brands product into my regimen while preparing notes and digestions on the impact following my unique framework - During our meeting we will expand synchronistically while addressing a written document inspired action and thinking, followed by a question period at the end *Please note: bookings are accepted 6 weeks minimum from package received date

Duration(mins): 90

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $1500

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