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Nicole Favarelli

Cinema Director with BA in Filmmaking and video content creation

Cinema video content Digital media Filmmaking

Focused Director and 1st AD with a “can-do” attitude. Confident in managing crew and cast and experienced with collaborations in foreign countries. Creatively as well as technically confident in producing results meeting the budget and delivering on time. Constantly maintaining a positive attitude. Relevant experience gained over 7 years of study at the “Federico Fellini institute” in Italy, and “Met Film University” in London, as well as on-set experience. Experienced in creating scripts, storyboards, treatments and pitching to clients. Native in Italian, fluent in English

Here some of the project I've worked on: - The Boogeyman - Writer Director (short movie) - Chocolate Tronchetto - Director (short movie) - Pestilence - Director (Feature film) - The Innocent - Assistant Director (Short movie) - Vakuum - Writer Director (Short movie) - The meaning of life - Assistant Director (Advert)

How to bring your video content to the next level

I'll teach you everything about video making, from the basic lighting tricks to the best strategy to engage with your audience. If there is a specific areas of cinema and video making you'd like to cover let me know and I'll prepare a presentation based on that.

Duration(mins): 15

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $30

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