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GreenBean Sarrecchia

Inspirational Speaker & Sports Personality

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Hey there, I am GreenBean. Bean for short. This is an interesting thing for me. I have been running comedy shows, groups, weddings and parties for what seems like my entire life. Being a therapist and mentor for hundreds of men and women over the years I also have an uncanny ability to pierce through the BS and get to the meat of a situation rather quickly as well. So Ownnit seems like a good way to get my "services" out there in a new and unique way. I don't know what will come of it but I am happy to be available. Nothing makes me happier than helping people through their day. Whether that be heavy lifting type of problems or just a good hearty belly laugh, It's kinda my gig. If I can be of service to you I look forward to the opportunity.

I am also a musician. Guitar player singer songwriter to be specific. I do not read music but play and learn by ear. I write songs rather simply and can also help you if you're having trouble in this area. Let's get in there and see where the blocks are.

Inspirational, Motivational, comedic Speaking Engagements

Take your day to the next level with GreenBean! I have a Background as a comedian, therapist and director of large rehabilitation programs. I have been speaking in front of large crowds and small gatherings for over 25 years. Let me take this new found position as a sports personality on Youtube and add flavor to whatever situation where you need someone to get in there and add positivity or fun to the day!

Duration(mins): 15

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $30

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