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jacob chikaike

Startups Developer and Content Marketing Manager

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Many Marketing Copywriter’s offer a total solution for massive sales growth, and I am no different…  Content & Inbound: Today’s leading B2B businesses and companies are built, launched, and nurtured strategically through expert public relations, social media, and content marketing management. As a B2B Marketing Copywriter that specializes in Marketing and IT and has delivered 150% on sales targets and a significant 500% return on investments for 3 years - My Web Specialities are - Lead Magnet Blog Contents, Social Media Contents, Landing Pages and Case Studies - as the best marketing communication channels that start conversations with target audience and drive massive B2B sales.  Analysis & Strategy: I analyze and understand the needs of your customers to create compelling content that keeps them coming back. My analysis and product awareness services of 6 years of total experience, with 4 years in Sales Targets, supported by strategic copywriting efforts can help you become and remain a thought leader in your industry. Great copywriting services gives B2B companies and business a voice that’s as innovative as their products and services. With Brand strategy, identity, launch, and research services through Me, I help to establish a cohesive foundation for software, marketing, and B2B Brands to succeed in an increasingly competitive market. *Find your voice with Me to position your brand in a way that resonates to your consumers*.  Extract and Structure: What good is a modern business services company if it remains invisible online? My B2B branding and storytelling copywriting services help to create a more accurate picture of your company’s products, people, processes and personality to differentiate you from competitors in your industry and open the gates to consumer connections. Am a B2B Marketing Copywriter that specializes in Marketing and IT and has delivered a significant 500% return on investments for 3 years “My Key Industries of Expertise of B2B SaaS Brand are CRM and CMS Systems Provider, Information Technology or Communication provider, Cloud Technology Provider, Marketing Hardwares and Softwares provider”. "While Working with Business Development Consultants, Advertisement’s Firms, Digital Marketer’s and Product Influencers". *Align and Optimize multiple marketing channels to see greater ROI by partnering with Me*. P.S: If you'd love to collaborate for your business goals, feel free to get in touch w/ ME :) and I will be with you in a swift. 💪I'd love to help you reach your goals📈

I am a Good Citizen of Nigeria and has built a Solid reputation and relationship online and offline. I reside in Lagos, Nigeria and got my Bsc in Industrial Chemistry in Nigeria but with a standard solid reputation in Marketing and Brand Management. My top clients are global brands but I get consistent Job and Project from Nigeria, India, Oregon and Germany. If you mind please visit to learn more

Consulting and Development Call

I am available for consulting calls to help you solve your problems and reach your goals. Come prepared with questions. We can have an in-depth discussion and work through your problems to help you reach your goals.

Duration(mins): 60

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $60

Coffee and Strategy Chat

Interested in getting to know me? Have a few questions and want to pick my brain? Book me for a virtual coffee chat and you can ask me anything and we can get to know each other.

Duration(mins): 15

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $20

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