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John Gaschler

Bitcoin Educator and Consultant

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I enjoy educating and helping newcomers understand bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and how they may be beneficial in the world we are moving in to.

I've been deeply researching bitcoin and the greater cryptocurrency market for the last 5 years and have a passion for explaining this revolutionary new technology to newcomers in an easy to understand manner. Bitcoin is a difficult concept to understand at first, it takes time to grasp and can be confusing if you're only reading about it. It is significantly easier to understand at first by having it taught by someone already in the space. Whether you have a base knowledge on blockchains and cryptocurrency or have no prior exposure at all, I am happy to talk with you about it and answer any questions you may have. All views expressed are not financial advice.

Bitcoin Consulting Call

I am available for consulting calls to answer any questions regarding bitcoin and/or explain bitcoin in general.

Duration(mins): 60

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $50

Quick Bitcoin Chat

Ideally a follow up to the consulting call. I can answer any follow up questions you may have and help you get set up to buy, trade and transact bitcoin.

Duration(mins): 30

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $30

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