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Landon Blow

Hair stylist/makeup artist. Master of individuality

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I've been a licensed hairstylist/makeup artist for 12 years. I created a salon/photography studio The Factory, with my partner Tyler (Jake Photography) a home for creativity, uniqueness, & acceptance. Im excited to offer my professional knowledge with all you beauties, as well as my personal input on everything beauty!! xoxo


Lets talk!

Duration(mins): 30

Price: $50

Makeup application

Walk through of makeup techniques/products

Duration(mins): 45

Price: $150

Hair styling tutorial

I’ll help guide you through some basic curling techniques!

Duration(mins): 30

Price: $150

Hair Q&A

Question and answer time!! All things hair related (product knowledge, tips, tricks, etc)

Duration(mins): 30

Price: $150