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Lexi Simoes

LEXI FITNESS | Founder of The Gym Brat Movement

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If you are ready to transform your life physically and mentally, then you're in the right place!

TIPS FOR IMPROVING SQUATS 🍑 1️⃣ take a deep breath in before you squat 2️⃣ brace yourself into your belt 3️⃣ evenly distribute the weight in your feet 4️⃣ find the squat stance that you are most comfortable with 5️⃣ aim to keep your torso as upright as possible so your back does not take over the movement

Thicc Girl Summer: Personal Training

Thicc girl summer is right around the corner! 🍑 LADIES... are you ready to make some serious gains?

Duration(mins): 60

Price: $100

Brand Consultation

Are you a fitness brand that's interested in working with me? Please set up a meeting to discuss your vision 🖤

Duration(mins): 15

Price: $50

Ask me Anything about Fitness

Have a couple of fitness questions for me? Book me for a Q&A call.

Duration(mins): 15

Price: $25