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M. Curtis McCoy

Best selling personal development author, influencer, business development expert & host of Success, Motivation & Inspiration on Amazon Fire TV.

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M. Curtis McCoy spent the past 20 years building companies in various industries, including medical, fashion, manufacturing, distribution, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications. He has consulted with companies like Sprint, Ting, and even the FTC. M. Curtis McCoy has been invited to speak at venues like Caesar's Palace and a Global Virtual Leadership Summit in Delhi, India.

Mr. McCoy recently purchased and after retiring early, Curtis now publishes books on leadership, personal development, and branding. His books are available from most major retailers, including Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Apple Books, Better World Books, and AbeBooks.

Learn to use press releases & social media for personal branding

I'll teach you how to use social media & press release distribution to become famous online & create a personal brand that makes you a household name!

Duration(mins): 15

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $30

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