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Marcela Prince

The mind is the limit!

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I’m an enthusiastic industrial engineer from a small town down in the Patagonia living in Mexico City, hablemos!

Enthusiastic about life! I’m an industrial engineer that loves working hard, as well as working out, while enjoying life as much as possible. I’ve been into exercising and fitness for a decade, from CrossFit to bikini fitness to intermittent fasting. I’ve learned to listen to my body throughout this years and most important: to set goals that became habits. I’m sure there’s plenty we can talk about and ACHIEVE together! Hablemos! ♡

Get FIT 1:1 Ponte FIT 1:1

Let’s workout together! The session includes warming up, exercising and stretching, at your own pace 💪🏽 ¡Hagamos ejercicio juntos! La sesión incluye calentamiento, ejercicio y estiramiento, a tu propio ritmo 💪🏽

Duration(mins): 45

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $40

Are you struggling to stick to your fitness plan?👀 ¿Tienes dificultades para seguir tu plan de acondicionamiento físico? 👀

Let's talk for 15 minutes and map down how you can achieve it 🙌🏽 Hablemos 15 minutos y mapeemos cómo puedes lograrlo! 💪🏽

Duration(mins): 15

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $20

Where and how to start when prioritizing yourself? ¿Dónde y cómo empezar a priorizarse a uno mismo?⚖️

Let’s prioritize your well-being and set goals you will achieve though habits!🎯 ¡Prioricemos tu bienestar y establezcamos metas que alcanzarás a través de hábitos! 🎯

Duration(mins): 30

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $35

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