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Matt Lady

Freelance Marketer | Freelance Coach | Creator | Mental Health Advocacy @LitMirror | Life Design & Reflection @Ventursom | Freelance Content + 1 on 1 Coaching

Coach Marketer Creator Freelance Mental Health

Daily musings injected into your VEINS so you can reflect and choose to live a more intentional life. Vulnerability, stories, lessons from me regarding mindset and how to redesign your life with intention. Sharing my journey of self love and fulfillment across topics and concepts of health, wealth, and community. Live and love yourself daily. Mental health IS health. Destigmatize therapy.

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Duration(mins): 15

Price: $30

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Need to take the next step in your life? I'll help you do it.

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We'll discuss your marketing strategy in great detail and ensure you come out with a clear and actionable path forward.

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