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Mike Sington

Senior Executive at NBCUniversal (Ret)

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A former senior executive at NBCUniversal, who’s often referred to as ‘Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider’. I’m an expert on the entertainment industry, pop culture, celebrities, social media, and building a show business career.

I graduated from college and arrived in Hollywood knowing no one in the Industry, having no job, not even a place to stay. I quickly landed a coveted job as a movie studio tour guide, rising rapidly through the management ranks to a senior level executive position at NBCUniversal, one of the largest media companies in the world. I’ve become known as ‘Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider’, sharing the knowledge I’ve gained from my front row seat to the Industry with fans on Twitter, and through media appearances worldwide.

Consulting Call/Social Media Branding Success

Have you been struggling on social media? Unable to create a personal brand, which is an absolute necessity in today’s business world? Unable to grow your social media? Let me tell you how I did it on a personal one on one video call. I started very simply, just tweeting about my job, then it simply exploded! I’ll tell you how, and the methods I used. Methods that can work for you too. And of course I’ll answer all of your questions, honestly (no, don’t buy followers!).

Duration(mins): 45

Price: $75

Consulting Call/Anything Goes!

Want to dish the dirt? Want to talk about the stars? How about what goes on in Hollywood behind the scenes. If you know my Twitter feed, you know anything goes and I don’t hold back! We can jump and combine topics too. Need career advice, social media advice? I’m here for you!

Duration(mins): 45

Price: $75

Consulting Call/Breaking Into the Industry

Have you always dreamed of making it big in the entertainment industry? So did I, and I did something about it! You can too. Let’s talk about your goals, where you’re at now, and what you can do to make it happen. I started with nothing, and ended up with a very successful Hollywood career. Whether you want to be in front of the cameras, or behind them, I’ll give you my best advice based on your personal situation now. Bring your questions, I’ll answer them all honestly!

Duration(mins): 45

Price: $75

Coffee Chat

Want to get to know me? Well, I want to get to know you too! Have a few questions, need some insider info, or some quick advice? Let’s have a virtual meetup and chat.

Duration(mins): 15

Price: $30