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Adam Terry

FPV Drones & 3D Printing | Learn Skills and Build Confidence | Practical advice • Troubleshooting • Instruction 🙌

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I can help you navigate the complex and exciting world of building and flying FPV drones, Radio Control aircraft, and 3D printing. Beginners of all ages welcome! Practical advice • Troubleshooting • Instruction | Save time, money, and your sanity by booking a 1-on-1 video coaching session with me today!

👋 Hi! My name is Adam and my goal is to build up the skills and creativity of the next generation of pilots, makers, and innovators. ▶ Whether you have zero experience and want multiple lessons, or just need help with a specific issue, I'm here for YOU! ▶ Over the past 4+ years I've been creating YouTube videos that help beginners have more success and less frustration in the radio control aircraft (FPV drones, airplanes) and 3D printing hobbies. You can check out my 300+ videos on YouTube here: . ▶ IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN: 👉 FPV drones 👉 RC airplanes 👉 3D printing 👉YouTube video creation, you've come to the right person! ▶ I strongly believe in "learning by doing" and I hope to boost your knowledge, inspiration, and confidence enough for you to get out there and start doing, making, creating, Building, or flying! 💻 Checkout for additional helpful (and free) resources! ((IMPORTANT)) MY PROMISE TO YOU: Regarding technical troubleshooting and problem solving, I will do everything I can during our session to give you the best experience and most likely chance of success in the subject we are discussing. However, due to the limitations of this virtual format, I CANNOT guarantee your success in solving, troubleshooting, or physically repairing a problem with a technical hardware/software item. I can only HELP you overcome any obstacle your facing. 👍 SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: I do guarantee your satisfaction with our session! If you are unhappy with your experience and would like a refund, simply contact me and explain why you are dissatisfied, and I will refund your money. 👍

Quick Answers (1-on-1)

This short session is perfect if you’re not sure where to start and need guidance. I’ll answer your questions, assess your situation, and get you headed in the right direction! 👍 I’ll also provide you with links to any helpful resources we use during this session for you to reference later!

Duration(mins): 15

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $20

Coaching Session (1-on-1)

This session is perfect if you are looking for more thorough instruction, in-depth answers, or need help troubleshooting a specific issue. We’ll work together to build your skills and solve problems in real-time. 🙌 I’ll also provide you with links to any helpful resources we use during this session for you to reference later!

Duration(mins): 30

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $35

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