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Sathya S

Education Consultant | Author

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I have 15 years of experience in the development and education sector. I co-founded an international development consultancy called Gateway Consutancy. I also co-founded a information-service platform called I’m finally proud enough to call myself as a creative. I like to read philosophy, on personal development and on creativity and learning.I try to share what I learn by summarizing, synthesizing and visualizing via Twitter and my substack newsletter.

I’m also building Aurasky Academy to teach no-code tools and resources to at-risk children and youths. Before you ask… I’m not an engineer or a programmer. Yup, I don’t know how to write a single of code. And yet, I teach children to build websites, web applications, mobile apps. All using no-code tools and platforms.

Coffee Chat

Interested in getting to know me? Have a few questions and want to pick my brain? Book me for a virtual coffee chat and you can ask me anything and we can get to know each other.

Duration(mins): 15

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $20

Consulting Call

I am available for consulting calls to help you solve your problems and reach your goals. Come prepared with questions. We can have an in-depth discussion and work through your problems to help you reach your goals.

Duration(mins): 60

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $60

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