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Cindy Smock


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Traveling College Campus Preacher students to BE A HO NO MO!

I was converted to faith in Christ in 1978 after hearing campus legend Bro. Jed at the University of Florida! Together we have evangelized the campuses of America for almost 5 decades!

Chat with Sister Cindy

Want to know more about my story of share your story with me? Curious about my life or just want to connect? Let’s chat!!

Duration(mins): 15

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $20

Personal Counseling or Coaching!

Are you wanting to BE A HO NO MO, but not sure how? Need help getting on the right track and finding purpose and meaning in life? Let’s talk about God’s plan for your life!

Duration(mins): 60

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $110

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