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Vin Vashishta

Chief Data Scientist: I Monetize Machine Learning

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I work in Applied Machine Learning and Strategy. I build and bring products to market with ARR in the $100’s of millions. I have spent over 25 years in tech and the last 10 working in the Data Science and Machine Learning field. Since 2015, I have been frequently recognized as one of my field’s top thought leaders.

During my early career, I worked and built teams at every phase of the software development lifecycle as a technical contributor and later an organizational leader. I worked in Product Management roles and published on Competitive Strategy. Over the last 10 years in Machine Learning, I have worked with a diverse range of clients. Startups to Fortune 100 companies. Marketing, HR, Manufacturing, Finance, Healthcare, Gaming, and Retail domains. The common themes of my complex career are I teach, build solutions, and solve problems with a focus on revenue. I help businesses at any stage of monetizing machine learning based products. I am also a speaker and published author.

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