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Aashi Sharma

All about hairstyles and daily relevant outlook/fashion🦋

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French fries and flights ♥️ Fresh and relevant outlook on womenhood🥂 Content creator✨ Quick and easy hairstyling techniques 👱🏻‍♀️

I love to create different types of hairstyles in a really quick and easy way. I love playing dress up♥️

Dump your worries chat

Hi you lovely people. I would love to listen your worries as your friend and would love to give some advise if possible. I know it is not easy for you to share things with a known person, better share it with an unknown person without any judgement fear. It would be a virtual chat so no need of telling your real identity if you are not comfortble.

Duration(mins): 15

Price: $40

Fashion closet chat

Interested in getting to know me? Have a few questions and want to pick my brain? Book me for a virtual fashion chat and you can ask me anything related to fashion and hair and we can get to know each other.

Duration(mins): 15

Price: $40

Fashion Emergency.

I am available on calls for fashion tips or relevant hairstyles to change your image in front of everyone as classy, fashionable yet sweet, helpful person.

Duration(mins): 15

Price: $50