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Ace of Clay

I want to teach the world how to sculpt! 569K+ Subscribers on YouTube

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Hey everyone, Ace of Clay here! I'm a full time professional sculptor, content creator and YouTuber. I am here to take your experience with my YouTube channel to the next level by offering one-on-one live video conferencing. Whether you want to show me your latest sculpt, ask me sculpting questions, or actually see me demo a technique or process, this is the place where we can do just that! Book me today and let's get started.

Anthony is a self-taught sculptor that began working with polymer clay as a hobby in 2003. In 2014 Ace of Clay was born in a mall art gallery where he sold small sculptures and offered custom orders. After leaving the gallery, he pursued e-commerce, selling his work via Etsy and his website. In 2018, Anthony closed all storefronts to focus entirely on a new YouTube channel under his business name, Ace of Clay. Since December 2018 the channel has grown to 569,000+ subscribers with over 40 million views across all videos. Ace of Clay offers full, in-depth, weekly video tutorials that focus on utilizing polymer clay to create large sculptures, figurines, and characters. Anthony also owns and operates a private Facebook group "Snakes of Clay" which has 9,000 members as of January 2022. The group features member-exclusive contests and promotes a healthy, fun environment for fellow Ace of Clay subscribers who are interested in sculpting themselves or are there to admire the works of others. Anthony's main goal is to inspire others to create and provide value to every individual that comes across his platforms. "There is nothing I love more than creating art, and sharing it with you makes it even better!"

Package 1: Let's Hang Out

In this session chat with Anthony about anything that has to do with his YouTube Channel or sculpting, show him sculptures you have made, and ask general relevant questions.

Duration(mins): 30

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $199.99

Session 2: Sculpting Support

Want to learn how to sculpt something? Perhaps you're stuck on a certain portion of your current sculpture or want to learn how to do a certain technique? This is the session for you! Session includes everything offered in session 1 + sculpting demonstrations and tutorials.

Duration(mins): 60

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $299.99

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