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Alec Torelli

Poker Player, Speaker, Author, Asymmetric Investor

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Alec Torelli is a professional high stakes poker player turned digital entrepreneur and keynote speaker, who shares how the lessons he learned from poker can be applied to life and business.

With over $1,500,000 in tournament winnings and millions more in both live and online cash games, Alec Torelli is one of the most respected poker players in the industry today. Known for competing in the biggest cash games in the world while living in Macau, Alec would play in games where you bet a car and get raised a house, and the buy in alone was $1,000,000. In his 14-year career, Alec has traveled to over 45 countries and been featured on ESPN, CBS Sports, Travel Channel, Fox Sports, Cigar Aficionado, Poker News and many more. Compelled by his passion to share the lesson he’s learned and help others on their journey, Alec has coached players from all over the world. In 2017 he founded Conscious Poker, a poker training site dedicated to transforming good players into great ones. The game of poker mimics life in the sense that it forces you to make decisions without having complete information. After playing millions of hands over the past 14 years, and mastering the art of taking calculated risks, Alec has developed an unparalleled ability to apply the skills he learned in poker to evaluate situations in life and business. Alec uses a combination of logic, intuition and self-awareness to help others make better, more informed choices, and determine the optimal course of action when you can’t ‘see all the cards’. Alec is the founder of Conscious Poker, a popular poker training platform, and after spending the last 14 years making decisions for hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single hand, he now gives talks in which he dissects the anatomy of decision making to help others hone the way they make choices. Through his blogs, videos and keynotes, Alec tackles subjects such as: the role of luck in life, evaluating risk, maintaining a positive mindset, strengthening mental fortitude, handling adversity and setbacks, managing your bankroll and cultivating self-awareness. Together with his wife Ambra, they divide their time between Las Vegas, LA, NYC, and Italy. Learn more about Alecs' poker services at Learn more about Alec's personal services at Alec on BitClout:

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Interested in getting to know me? Have a few questions and want to pick my brain? Book me for a virtual coffee chat and you can ask me anything. I can help with poker strategy, personal branding and strategic decision making.

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I am available for consulting calls to help you win. Whether it's building a poker business plan together, learning how to turn yourself into a personal monopoly and grow a brand, or strategic decision making for your company or product, I can help. I look forward to connecting and helping you reach your goals.

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