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Alex Ruhl

Award-winning VR creator & biz owner

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Alex Rühl is an award-winning virtual reality filmmaker, TEDx Speaker and founder of VR production studio CATS are not PEAS.

As well as directing and producing VR projects, Alex is invited to speak globally on the topic of next-generation storytelling and the potential of VR as a cinematic art form. She is an advisor to companies and brands about the creative processes behind VR and also the behaviours of the audiences that experience it. Alex has curated a pop-up VR cinema in Leicester hosted at the Phoenix Cinema supported by the BFI. As well as having work premiere at prestigious film festivals such as CanneXR, Raindance & more, she is the first VR creator to be funded by the BFI Network to bring her latest VR drama "BAD NEWS" into existence.

Consulting Call

Looking to level up your business sales? Learn how to market your immersive company? Specific technical questions about creating & distributing 360 video or virtual reality? I can help!

Duration(mins): 60

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $160

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