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Daniel Krakan

Professional Photographer

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Hey there! My name is Daniel Krakan and I am a professional photographer and social media influencer based out of Toronto, Ontario. For the past several years, I have consistently been sharing my work online and on various social media platforms, and have amassed nearly 200K followers on Instagram. I have been working in this field for quite some time now, and have successfully gained the knowledge and experience to assist you in any way that I can whether it is related to the business side of photography, social media growth, photo editing, or anything else! If you have any questions/concerns please do not hesitate to reach out. Let's work together!

170K Followers on Instagram/450K Followers on TikTok

Photography Consulting Call

I am available for consulting calls to assist you with your problems/concerns and reach your goals. Come prepared with any questions you may have. During our one hour call, we can have an in-depth discussion about any photography related topics.

Duration(mins): 60

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $75

1:1 Photo Editing Lessons

Are you looking to take a deep dive into the world of photography, and step up your editing game? Well I'm here to help you with that. Editing your photographs or finishing your photographs has become an essential part of photography. Since the advent of digital photography, it’s not only about capturing an image, but also creating the ideal photograph. During our 1 hour lesson I will teach you everything I know about the art of editing.

Duration(mins): 60

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $100

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