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Daphne de Baat

Model, YouTuber & Coach

Model YouTuber Author Coach Mentor

I am a full-time model living in NYC with over 12 years of experience. Aside from modeling, I post weekly vlogs on YouTube and I also recently published my first book, The Model Manual: A comprehensive guide for the aspiring or beginner model.

I'm super passionate about providing support and guidance for new models coming into the industry. I started modeling at 12 years old and could have really used a coach, or mentor to answer any questions I had, or simply help me navigate the often hard-to-understand world of modeling. As a now "veteran" in the industry, I want to help new faces dream big and challenge them to reach their full potential.

Model Coaching Session

As a model coach and mentor, I will help you dream big and challenge you to reach your full potential. During coaching sessions, I will answer questions, support and guide you through any challenges faced, and provide you with observations, feedback, and accountability.

Duration(mins): 30

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $100


A 15-minute Q&A session where you can ask me anything and everything! Perfect for those who aren't in the market for regular coaching, but need a pressing question answered, or just want clarity on something modeling related.

Duration(mins): 15

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $50

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