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Nathalie👋🏾 | A mom building generational wealth & helping others to do the same🎉🙌🏾 No debt!(only🏡)💰 Side hustler😂 Meme creator

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I created this page to share my financial knowledge and experience gained, while I journeyed through paying off $70k of bad debt about 3 years ago...

Growing up I was not taught about financial literacy, didn’t know anything, and despite being told by my mom over and over to save - I did not. I spent my teens and twenties just buying crap, getting credit cards, no savings, car loans, student loans and well you get the picture. ​ All that changed when I met my husband back in 2007, he inspired me to chase my dreams and become a Registered Nurse. Doing this led me to meeting many educated people from all backgrounds and becoming friends with some of the smartest men AND women I know - I saw them owning condos, property, side businesses and all the things I wanted out of life. My rock and I started to get the act together!! We quit renting and moved back to my mothers and for 1 year - WE SACRIFICED - WE SAVED - WE FIXED OUR CREDIT! In 2015, we bought our first condo together. Then in 2016 - WE GOT MARRIED and used equity to pay off the $70k of debt.

Let's build wealth!

I can help you budget, save, and invest your money!

Duration(mins): 15

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $50

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