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Blake N.

Content Creator | Photographer | Mental Health Advocate

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Help me, help you! Let's work together to give you the best outcome you want! I make social media content including posts, captions, videos and photos. We can meet to discuss what you are looking for and what you want and I will do my best to execute that. I know how lonely it can be to not have anyone that understands to talk to. I am here for you. Let's chat <3

I am a digital communications student at Humber College in Toronto. I am working on my graphic design skills and website design skills. I am a mental health advocate who deals with my own mental health struggles. I have personal experience dealing with suicidality, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and self harm. Please reach out to me if you need some support or are looking for resources.

A Friend's Support

Looking for someone to talk to about anything? I deal with my own mental health battles and I'd be happy to listen to your story or whatever is happening in your life. If you want advice, I can give it otherwise I am just here to listen to you <3

Duration(mins): 15

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $15

Mood board Creation + 1 Social Media Post

2 Appointments. With any information you provide during our first meeting, I will create a mood board and 1 post for either your brands feed or stories. During the second appointment, you will have a chance to ask for any changes. I will not make any changes after I send an email with the word "Final" in the subject line.

Duration(mins): 45

Number of appointments: 2

Price: $80.00

Mood board Creation + 2 Social Media Post

3 appointments. I will create a mood board for your brand, a social media post template for IG/Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn, and a feed post or story post. The final appointment will be to go over any final tweaks.

Duration(mins): 45

Number of appointments: 3

Price: $130.00

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