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Brian Huxley

DevOps / Application / Systems Architect - Loves to help people and businesses develop their projects and processes their

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Brian Huxley is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in utilizing his skillset, education and expertise to help both small creative companies and industry leaders tackle the digital challenges of the Internet era. His focus and passion lie in helping organizations run better, run digital and run different. He has built and maintained networks and systems utilizing best-practices such as redundancy, disaster recovery, systems/application monitoring and security, and has managed the implementation and setup of complex microservice architectures and infrastructures.

Brian is driven by the desire to reinvent products, experiences and business models, Brian has helped develop everything from standards-compliant websites, web applications, email campaigns, and advertisements for various clients including ClearChannel, Live Nation / Ticketmaster, House of Blues Concerts, Afrodisiac Productions., and Mammoth Inc. to software development for applications and websites to improve upon front-end and back-end applications, with a heavy emphasis on end-user experience and product reliability. His 15+ years of tech and management experience have resulted in collaborations with Marvel, Disney, NBC Universal, Warner Bros., as well as Toyota, Nissan, Aramco, and other household names. A strong technical focus and business level strategy allow Brian to help businesses generate new growth, meaningful differentiation and real economic value. Known for his troubleshooting abilities, holistic ( Infrastructure and Dev ) design thinking, and an energetic, positive attitude, Brian brings a wealth of expertise and thorough approach that leaves no stone un-turned. Several decades in the fast-paced B2B sector have seen him fully engrossed in the ways technology is able to improve lives and businesses - knowledge and a multitude of hands-on experience he is now keen on passing on. Proud daily user of Linux and BSD since ‘93.

Consulting Call

I am available for consulting calls to help you solve your problems and reach your goals. Come prepared with questions. We can have an in-depth discussion and work through your problems to help you reach your goals.

Duration(mins): 60

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $350

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