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Jason Knott

International Tax Attorney

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Jason is a U.S. tax attorney and CPA that focuses his practice on U.S. and international tax issues for global entrepreneurs. 

Jason is a U.S. and international tax advisor with over 10 years of U.S. and international tax experience.  Jason works with individuals and companies that operate businesses across borders.  He advises on transfer pricing issues, repatriation of offshore earnings, withholding tax implications, tax treaty benefits and positions, asset protection strategies, and estate tax minimization for U.S. and nonresident taxpayers. He also assists individuals and businesses with their annual U.S. federal and state tax return filing obligations.  He is experienced in preparing international disclosure forms which include Forms 5471, 5472, 8858, 8865, 8938, 926, 706-NA, and entity classification elections. Jason advises non-U.S. corporations and individuals on issues related to U.S. trade or business risks, U.S. permanent establishment risks, effectively connected income (ECI) issues, U.S. FDAP withholding, and U.S. FIRPTA withholding for U.S. situs real estate properties.

Tax Consultation - Video Call 60 Mins

Tax Consultation - Video Call 60 Mins

Duration(mins): 60

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $97

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