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Nicola van der Westhuizen

PhD candidate in Anthropology, 5 years of academic writing and editing experience

Academic writing essay writing essay editing academic reading transcribing teaching sociology anthropology

I am a PhD candidate in Urban Anthropology at Stellenbosch University in Western Cape, South Africa. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to share my knowledge of academic writing, but also on how to READ academic texts. I wish to empower you to be confident enough in your own reading, writing and editing capabilities, whether it be essays or articles at a University or High School level!

I am incredibly passionate about academic research and writing. I have 3 years experience as a teacher's assistant during which my duties involved setting up and teaching small class lessons, and marking and moderating essays, quizzes and tests. I hold a Masters of Arts in Anthropology from the University of Stellenbosch, as well as an BA Hons Sociology.

How to write better academic essays

I can teach you how to improve your academic or school essays, how to read academic work and help you edit your work!

Duration(mins): 45

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $30

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