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Nic Perry

Business and Actionstep Consultant - Owner Mauve Morpho

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Business and Actionstep Consultant. Well-rounded business professional focused on helping small businesses and law firms. MBA, Undergrad in Finance. Formerly Director of Operations at the largest private criminal defense law firm in the PNW.

Actionstep Support

Help with anything you need in your instance of Actionstep

Duration(mins): 15

Price: $30

Business Advice

Help with any business questions or conundrums - one stop shop for lots of different questions

Duration(mins): 15

Price: $30

Starting a Business

Help answering all the questions you have as you get ready to start a business, one stop shop for most of your answers. - Only an option for first call at this price.

Duration(mins): 15

Price: $25

Choosing Legal Software

Free help evaluating software to help your law firm run more efficiently - first of two free calls

Duration(mins): 15

Price: $

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