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RC Lead Consultant

National Award-Winning Promo Implementation Consultant

Creative Team Leadership - Event Marketing - Exceptional Corporate Communications - Marketing Research & Campaign Implementation

A communications professional in business development, writing sales presentations, public speaking, developing local and national campaigns, corporate public relations, event planning and promotion, fundraising, web communications, large and small agency relationships and media relations with excellent results.

As a responsible leader in marketing communications, my goal is to position your company as the competitive choice. My role encompasses the development, design, and orchestration of marketing, media, awareness, and fundraising campaigns for a wide variety of commercial entities, and nonprofits. You can rely on my management of your corporate marketing and communications functions, overseeing budgets and creative teams. Let me assist you with direct event development, PR, media relations, corporate positioning, product launches, advertising, sales collateral, web and social media development, and live tradeshow marketing.

Live & Virtual Event Marketing Assistance

Glad to help you with hands-on assistance for all your event marketing. I have access to tools and strategies that can help.

Duration(mins): 60

Number of appointments: 1

Price: $125.00

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