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Sam Cahn

Professional TikToker Guy

Tiktok advice running

I guess you could consider me a comedian by definition—I make people laugh and have gained a decent following during the pandemic and enjoy the community immensely. I am an avid runner as well so if you need tips or advice, I’m probably your guy.

Content Creation

If you’ve seen my videos or posts and want advice or tips on creating content or how to raise your child (jk), I may be your guy! I’ve grown over 130k followers on TikTok during the pandemic and am pretty good at knowing what’ll flop and what won’t. Might work for you, might not, but I hope to be encouraging and helpful for you!

Duration(mins): 30

Price: $17


Whatever—any advice you need or ear to lend. If you’ve seen my videos and have a specific question(s) in more detail, let me know :)

Duration(mins): 15

Price: $10


I’ve run over 100 5ks and about 20 half marathons—if you’re looking to start running and need advice on shoes, watches, whatever, I’m pretty experienced.

Duration(mins): 15

Price: $10