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Stewart Bint

Stewart Bint is a sci-fi, paranormal and satire novelist, published by Creativia Next Chapter and Dragon Moon Press, and is a member of the influential #Awethors group.

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Stewart Bint is an international novelist, magazine columnist, and PR writer, who usually goes barefoot. His current publishers are Creativia Next Chapter (Thunderlands, and To Rise Again), and Dragon Moon Press (The Jigsaw And The Fan, Timeshaft, and In Shadows Waiting).

Stewart Bint is married to Sue, and has two grown-up children, Christopher and Charlotte. He lives in Leicestershire in the UK. When writing, his office companion is his charismatic budgie, or his neighbour's cat - but not at the same time. He is a member of the influential international authors group, The Awethors. A former broadcaster, he has worked as a radio newsreader, current affairs presenter and phone-in show host. His inspiration to become a writer came at the tender age of seven, through the television series, Doctor Who. He says: "I remember watching the very first episode way back in 1963, and became enraptured by the storylines which could take place at any time in Earth's history and future, and absolutely anywhere in the universe and beyond. I started creating my own worlds and my own characters, writing my stories in little blue notebooks until my parents bought me my first typewriter for my ninth birthday. And those make-believe worlds became invaluable when my Dad died when I was 11. I retreated more and more into those places where I was in control of my characters' fate - knowing that whatever happened to them during the story, I could make sure they were okay in the end. My worlds were certainly better than the real one at that time." When not writing he is an active awareness-raising campaigner for mental health, having gained a place on the 2016 list of "Inspirational Mental Health Advocates that are changing the world."

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