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Yanis issaad

Music producer & Graphic designer with 9 years of experience as an independant

music filmmaking videomaking photoshop beatmaking

As being an independent music maker for 9 years, I've learned a few tricks on music, image treatment and videomaking, I'd be happy to share with you to help you grow.

I studied in Paris, France. I have worked in record labels and event bookers, as a community manager. I also have a few experiences in professional music recording and editing. I attended ICART (cultural management school) and ESEFA (Sound engineering school).

Sound Recording Tips & Tricks

Need to record yourself or others, let me help you to get started

Duration(mins): 75

Price: $30

Photoshop Basics

Learn the basic tools of Photoshop and a few tricks to realize your vision.

Duration(mins): 90

Price: $40

Beatmaking and Photoshop courses

Want to learn how to make music or how to visually represent your ideas? Hit me up =

Duration(mins): 90

Price: $40

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