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Tish & Aniyah Williams

Mom & Daughter Duo

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Hey All! Welcome! We can't wait to meet with you! When we started making videos on Tik Tok, we thought it would be a fun way to share our love of song and dance with friends and family. Today, we have become a viral sensation with millions of views and a growing fanbase that stretches across the globe. We also offer content on performance art, health, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips. Collaborating with brands who share our vision for living active healthy lifestyles are also a critical feature of their brand, and are in partnerships with Halara fitness brand, Elliecoo, Flat Tummy App, Reebok, Shein, and Striker Beverage just to name a few. We love hearing from viewers and are always eager to explore new opportunities and collaborate with fellow creators.

Meet Tish (Mom): Leticia known as TISH was born and raised in Washington D.C and Maryland. Tish’s mom put her in dance classes at the age of 5; she loved performing! At the age of 10 she was featured in the Washington post Newspaper from a talent show she entered. She knew from a young age she wanted to pursue her dreams in the entertainment field. After high school, Tish moved across the country to California to attend College, where she graduated with a degree in Fashion. During college, Tish eagerly started working on films and TV. After college, Tish signed with her first agent & manager, not too long after Tish joined the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and Aftra which would open many doors for her and her career. She was able to work on commercials, film, television, print and music videos over the years. Tish is an actress, dancer, model and owner of Kidz Talent Academy, a company she starting in 2005 and later rebranded in 2015 with her daughter, Aniyah, along to help run the business under the name Kidz Talent Academy (KTA). At the requests from parents, they expanded their program to include adults with the name Good Vibe Fitness offering Dance Fitness and Heels Dance! For Tish, working with children and teaching them the benefits of performing arts is an integral part of investing back into the communities she serves. By giving young people a space to be themselves and connect with their peers as fellow artists, they are deepening their roots in the community, learning how to empathize more deeply with each other, and practicing a healthy, active lifestyle. She is grateful for every young person who comes through her door, and loves nothing more than the opportunity to help them bring out their best selves when they are in her studio. Tish has served as a guiding inspiration to dozens of future artists and performers, and is blessed with the opportunity to offer young minds a platform for self-expression. Her viral TikTok performances (also featuring her beautiful daughter, Aniyah) have received millions of views, showing people around the world how fun drama, dance, and fitness can be when you surround yourself with the ones you love and have the right mindset. When Tish isn’t in The studio, she’s spending time & having fun with her husband and kids, practicing yoga, making fun dance TikToks with Aniyah and playing with her dog JoJo, whom you might have seen in some of her a TikToks. Meet Aniyah (Daughter): A native of Long Beach, Ca, Aniyah found her love for the arts at the age of three when she started dancing and performing. She began pursuing her love for entertainment at the tender age of four when she landed a modeling contract with a top agency in Los Angeles, in which she was featured in various print ads such as the New York Times & Animal Planet. After back up dancing for up and coming musical artists while in high school, Aniyah eventually moved to the forefront and started her music career in an all girl pop group by the name of GirlRadical who was produced by Nsync's JC Chasez and Grammy Nominated Producer Jimmy Harry, where she was one of the lead singer/dancers. Aniyah is now solo and has released her song, "Imma Rocket", produced by Alex Cantrall and Jeff Hoeppner, who have also produced artists such as singers Mya and Jojo. Imma Rocket is available now on all streaming platforms so go download it today! Aniyah is also building her acting resume with the upcoming feature film “Cheer Up”, TV Pilot “Orange Park” and various short films included on her IMDB. With her love for entertainment, Aniyah decided to learn the business inside and out by attending California State University, Long Beach in which she graduated with a BA in Communication Studies & Marketing while pursing her career in the industry. Aniyah has been making a buzz on social media, growing her following on TikTok to over 300K followers with various viral videos; some featuring her mom, Tish. Some of her videos have been featured on the pages of TheShadeRoom, R&B Artist, Ciara and popular Rap Artist, Cardi B to name a few.

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